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Can Terpene Infused CBD Oil Really Help Manage Arthritis Pain?

Posted by Valerie Ramos on
Can Terpene Infused CBD Oil Really Help Manage Arthritis Pain?

CBD has been a trending topic on the web. Though it’s relatively new as a treatment option, it has spread rapidly in it’s popularity. It’s touted to treat things like arthritis pain, anxiety and depression, cancer pain, and even addiction. Many wonder if it really works or if it’s just another case of snake oil being sold to people looking for help with their condition. With it’s legality on a Federal level being in a sort of limbo, it’s been difficult for the FDA to study it’s effects. Though recently the Federal government provided allowances for certain trials to take place. It’s inevitable that the FDA will eventually regulate CBD products on the market, including cannabis terpenes. Until then, those that suffer the sometimes crippling effects of arthritis and other immune disorders have to seek out information and quality products themselves.

CBD does not cause a high like it’s sister chemical THC does. THC bonds to the CB1 receptor, which affects the cognitive functions of the brain such as mood, thinking, appetite, and coordination. This is what causes the stoned effect. CBD however affects the CB2 receptor which is part of the immune system. It does not bond to the receptor but merely causes the brain to produce more of it’s naturally occurring cannabinoids. This in turn acts on the body’s pain and inflammation. It’s known to both reduce inflammation and serve as a protectant for the nerves. It is also known to be packed with cannabis terpenes for added flavor. 

There have been numerous studies on the effect of cannabidiol on various types of arthritis and other immune system disorders. In all of these studies, there have been varying levels of positive results among the trial participants. So when we ask the question if CBD oil is effective in treating arthritis, the answer is yes. Studies have proven it’s anti-inflammatory effects. Joint swelling and pain were reduced in the number of participants taking place in each trial. The FDA has been allowed to run trials to determine how to regulate CBD products on the market. Once they’ve made their rulings, patients who use CBD infused with terpenes will be able to rely on the quality and consistency of the medicine. Currently, a patient has to research through trial and error until they find the best brand and route of administration for their condition.

The bioavailability of cannabidiol in any given product is an important thing when choosing what brand you will use. It’s been found that the intranasal and vaporized administration of CBD is the best route for taking the medicine. Oral administration is also an option, however, a study by Medscape determined the compound is only at a 6% bioavailability. Contrast this with the 40% bioavailability of nasal and vaporized routes. The other important thing to consider when picking your brand is the level of quality and extraction process. In addition, the flavor is important, so ask about the terpene profile of the CBD oil. In reviewing several different brands I’ve come to find Xtra Laboratories to be the best choice in CBD products. Their products have proven effective in the treatment of arthritis, anxiety, and depression.