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How Can You Maintain Your BMW Car in Good Condition?

Posted by Valerie Ramos on
How Can You Maintain Your BMW Car in Good Condition?

A BMW is not any ordinary car; it is an establishment and a status symbol. Therefore, it is an asset to be proud of. Hence, any problems caused by it cause frustration, and BMW repair involves a lot of money, time, and energy. 

However, proper maintenance and check-is with professionals like BMW of Peroia AZ, help avoid most of the troubles related to BMW. Here’s why you need to maintain your vehicle. 

Why Is Proper Car Maintenance So Essential?

Getting a habit of regular maintenance of your BMW of Peoria AZ can be difficult, and most people tend to cut -off as it becomes stressful and tough to manage on a tight budget. But it is crucial to understand that poor maintenance can have dangerous effects that you may be unaware of or unnoticed until you use your car. It can cause accidents and may even cost the lives of you or your loved ones. 

Though you are lucky enough to avoid accidents, the risk persists. Hence to ensure the safety of you and your family or drivers, you should have a fixed appointment at regular intervals for your car’s check-up.

Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind which will help you maintain your BMW car in good condition:

  1. Inspection of the status of your BMW’s tires every month- If you know how to maintain your car’s tire pressure, it will protect the tires from wear and tear and ensure that your vehicle is giving good mileage. These include checking the PSI, recommended pressure, and inflating or deflating the tires accordingly.
  1. Exchanging the oil– Routine check-up of your car’s oil helps its engine to remain in perfect condition. It is recommended that you change your BMW’s oil after every 7500 miles and not 15000 miles. You can consider doing it alone, but if you don’t want to, you can auto repair Peoria AZ
  1. Checking the fluids in the car – Your car mainly has five fluids that help your engine run smoothly and give its best mileage – Engine Oil, Coolant, Power steering fluid, Brake fluid, and transmission fluid. The leakage of any of these fluids can affect the car’s performance.
  1. Inspection of the brakes – Brakes are vital while driving. If you hear any noise or vibration or shuddering coming from the brake pedal, it requires immediate attention from experienced service centers. Experts recommend changing your braking system every two years. 
  1. Changing your engine’s air filter – A dirty air filter in the engine can cause clogging of the dirt and let dirt particles and dust enter your machine, which would highly hamper your car’s efficiency.
  1. Washing and waxing your car regularly – When on the road, your vehicle is exposed to many foreign materials like dirt, ice, mud, and many more. Regular washing the car would remove such materials. And waxing your vehicle would not only make your BMW look new but also prevent the formation of rust.


Although BMW has its in-built technology to let you know when it requires a check-up and what issue needs to be addressed, maintaining a proper routine would help increase your BMW’s life span.